Tuesday, January 15, 2019

JAMobile v0.1

Read First
1. These skins are made for foobar2000 mobile version, it doesn't work with foobar2000 desktop app.
2. Font on the preview is Google Sans. If you're using Pixel device, that's your system font. Other phones and ROMs may require flashing the font.
3. Currently there are 3 skins : Dark, White and Amoled.
4. Installation can be read here, you can build your own from this Tutorial.

Buy from Sellfy ($1, You need paypal account), or, update, if you already bought this skin: sellfy.com/p/NlSp/
The download button on DA only contains dummy files, download only from link above

Currently supports these aspect ratios :
- 3:2
- 4:3
- 16:9
- 16:10
- 19.5:9 (LG G7, OnePlus 6T, iPhone X / XS / XR, etc)
- More coming soon!




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