Tuesday, January 15, 2019

JAM 4K v1.6.2

Requirements :

1. foobar2000 v1.4 or newer
2. Resolution higher than 2160x1080. 4K monitor is recommended
3. Segoe UI font family

Buy from Sellfy ($3, You need paypal account), or, update, if you already bought this skin: sellfy.com/p/w6g2

Read first :
1. Window frame should look like the preview image, regardless what Windows version and custom VS you're using.
2. Installation and basic setup guide is included in the zip archive.

Changelog :
V1.6.2 [11 Jan 2019]
- All color schemes now support 150%, 200% & 250%  DPI
- Fix downloaded artist images location
- Introducing light themes. Starts with white-turquoise-grey color scheme
- Add traditional “group” ELPlaylist view (All DPI settings)
- Minor fixes




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