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JAM3 has been tested in the long term for its stability, also for its easy-to-use factor. And this includes extensive testing in each update. Of course, with an endless combination of hardware and software on PCs, there’s no guarantee it doesn’t have any issues in all scenarios.

So, if you’re facing any issues with the theme, you can do these things first:





One or more elements are missing from the theme.


Make sure you copied all the installation folders in the right places. Please refer to the installation guide.


Check the Console (from the Settings page) to get more information.


Foobar2000 is showing an error message(s) when launched.


The theme is showing errors from WSH Panel Mod.


Go to “Preferences” -> “Tools” -> “WSH Panel Mod” -> and disable “Safe Mode.”


Foobar2000 is still displaying the default user interface after installing JAM3    


Make sure you chose “Columns UI” when opening foobar2000 for the first time.

If it isn’t the first time:

   Open Preferences (CTRL+P) or “File” -> “Preferences” from the menu bar

    Choose “Display” from the left side of the Preferences window

     Choose “Columns UI” from the “User interface module” option

     Click “Apply”



Foobar2000 is showing an error message after I edited the theme.



Load the included “JAM3 v3.x.FCL” file to reset the theme to its default state. Read the “Reload the Theme” section in the Installation guide.


The theme is unresponsive when I’m browsing my music library


It’s normal most of the time. Depending on the number of tracks loaded and/or your PC performances



The theme shows the incorrect artist/album/title information (tags) on my tracks



JAM3 shows tags according to the track’s metadata. Use the included or stand-alone metadata editor to change them.


*With the exclusion of the album art thumbnail on the “Albums” view on the Library page. Which will load an external image in the same location as the tracks.


The theme shows the incorrect album art pictures on my tracks


The theme doesn’t display the artist's picture on the Library page after I downloaded them from the Artist Info page



Try to manually load it by switching to a different layout mode (between dark and light) and back.


The theme failed to get information from the Internet.


Check your internet connection.


If it’s lyrics, try to do a manual search.


If it’s related (artist pictures, text biography, similar artists, and charts), there's a chance that the server is currently down.



 After finishing installation & setup, foobar2000 is not responsive. I can’t click any buttons


Please repeat the installation and setup process. If it still doesn’t get fixed, create a new portable installation of foobar2000 and repeat the installation and setup.

Foobar2000 freezes for a few seconds when playing a track


Disable the built-in playback statistics. Preferences -> Playback - > Playback Statistics -> Untick “Remember played songs”.



Remove the “JScript Library” panels, and use the Tree View to browse the library. Preferences -> Display -> Columns UI -> Layout -> Remove the top two “Jscript Panel 3” panels under the “Panel Stack Splitter” list



 Known Unsolved Issues:

  • Graphical Browser panels: On multi-monitor setup, while foobar2000 isn't on the primary monitor, context menu from the panel is shown on the primary monitor instead. 
  • Scrollbar: The scrollbar color doesn't follow the color mode of both foobar2000 and Windows. Resulting a white colored scrollbar on dark color layouts of the theme.
  • Shpeck: Poor performance when showing Shpeck visualization in full screen window.


If you need further help, or you’re experiencing other issues, you can reach me at with details and screenshot(s) about the issue(s).




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