Thursday, December 22, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions




Q: The window frame on Windows 11 doesn’t fit with the color of the theme. It either shows the Windows accent color or turns to white if foobar2000 isn’t the active window.

A: To match the window frame with the color of the theme, set the Windows accent color to 46-46-46 for the dark theme or 235-235-235 for the light theme (Both digits are RGB color codes). 


Q: Is it possible to change the accent color to the dominant color from the album art of the playing track?

A: It’s not possible at this moment.


Q: I’m experiencing poor performance with the app.

A: This could happen if there are a massive number of tracks loaded in the playlist (Starting at tens of thousands on average PC these days). Consider loading a lesser number of tracks from your library.


Q: My antivirus app detected malware inside the archive.

A: Some antivirus applications may flag “foo_ui_hacks.dll” inside the archive as malware. Almost all foobar2000 users think this is a false-positive result and that the file does not cause harm to your computer. Anyway, here is the most recent scan result:




Q: The search box didn’t find any results for my keyword.

A: Make sure you’ve already added your music folder(s) to foobar2000. Also, check for any typo.


Q: Is it possible to find specific items with the search box?

A: By clicking the magnifying icon, you can set it to only search for artist/album/title. Refer to this guide to use syntax for a more advanced search.



Q: Looks like the lyrics are shown incorrectly. How can I search for the correct one?

A: Right-click on the lyrics and click “Search” to manually search and select any lyrics found on the list.


Q: How do I enable the scroll bar on the song list (ELP)?

A: Right-click one of your songs > Settings > Go to the ‘Style’ tab > change the scroll bar option to ‘show’ (always show) or default (only show when it’s necessary).


Q: How do I enable the scroll bar on the thumbnail panel (Graphical Browser)?

A: Right-click one of the thumbnails > Settings > go to the ‘Others’ tab > tick the ‘Show scrollbar’ box.


Q: Some of the thumbnails failed to display the cover art of my albums.

A: Make sure you have the correct external cover art (in an image format) in the same location as the tracks. 


Q: But why do some of the thumbnails for albums show incorrect cover art?

A: JAM3 will search for a more common name such as cover.jpg or front.png in the folder. If there is no match, it will randomly show any picture in the folder.


Q: Some of the downloaded artist pictures look good while the others look like low-res images.

A: It depends on as the source. There is no standardization in terms of quality.


Q: Can The artist's pictures be automatically refreshed during some periods?

A: The download will occur once and the number of pictures downloaded can be set, also it’s possible to automatically cycle between them. But to change all pictures, you have to manually delete and re-download them again.


Q: I listen to online sources a lot. What information this theme can grab from the source?

A: Considering they are properly tagged, you can get the title and artist information, the album artwork (only on JScript cover method), as well as the station name, its genre, its URL, and the audio format streamed.


Q: My tracks are missing some of the metadata, such as the artist, title, and album art.

A: JAM3 uses the built-in foobar2000 tag editor, Discogs and MusicBrainz to change your tracks' metadata. You can also use a stand-alone app such as Mp3Tag.



Q: Can I edit the theme to my liking?

A: Of course. Almost all scripts and resources are accessible and editable.


Q: I have an idea to edit the theme, but I don’t know how to do it.

A: You can read the basic tutorials here to get you started. Also, check the discussions on the official foobar2000 forum and this subreddit dedicated to foobar2000.


Q: I want some elements to show “this” instead of “that”. Can you help me make the changes?

A: Understandably, we have our own preferences. If the changes are possible to do, I will either guide you to change them or I will do those for you, and maybe use them as a new features/changes for the next version of the theme.


Q: I made a mistake when editing. Can I revert it?

A: The included FCL will revert the theme to the default state.


Q: Can I share the edited version of the theme online?

A: Re-sharing the theme (including an edited version) is strictly prohibited.


Q: I have some ideas for the development of this theme. How can I contact you?

A: You can send an email via the button on the Help page. All feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Q: I see error message(s) but I’m not sure what causes those.

A: Check for any recent changes, including the results of editing the theme. The Console panel (Accessible via the Settings page) is a good start to show detailed info about the error(s). 


Q: Seems there are some technical errors although I did everything right.

A: The Troubleshooting guide can help you solve most of the problems. You can also ask for support if it doesn’t get fixed.




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