Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tutorial - Foobar2000 Useful Links

Lots of links that will help you skin your foobar2000!

foobar2000 Component page
Official component page on
Lots of essential components that you can't find on the official page

Titleformat Reference
Complete A-to-Z reference from how to show title of a songs, to combining complex functions

Panel Stack Splitter Guide
Guide about one of the most powerful foobar2000 components, including its unique variables and functions

Graphical Browser Guide
Graphical Browser variables, functions and other topics

How to Skin foobar2000 - Part1 - by Markkoenig
Contains basic topics about skinning your foobar2000, focused mainly on scripting

How to Skin foobar2000 - Part2 - by slowboyfast
Contains more advanced topic, focused mainly on graphical department

How to Skin foobar2000 - Part3 - by me
Contains topic on how to switching between panels. You can also read it on my blog here

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