Wednesday, August 27, 2014

JAM v2 Beta

JAMv2 by FlipOut69

JAM v2 beta version is now live!

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How to download :
1. Open OneDrive link.
2. Right-click at 'JAM v2 Beta' folder -> download. It will be converted as zip file.
3. Extract the zip.
*The foobar v1.3.3 portable version is already included in the package, so it's not necessary to create another foobar installation .
**During beta stage, it's easier for me to share the project folder instead of uploading it on a zip file everytime I apply an update.

How to use :
1. Adding music library : CTRL + P -> Media Library -> Add your music folder(s).
2. Start populating your music by clicking the JAM icon on the left-top (to access Collection interface) then expand the library tree on the left side.
3. Explore the skin and feel free to give your feedback in the comment box below.

***JAM v2 aim to be optimized on HTPC use (i.e. w/ HDTV) and touchscreen monitor/notebook.
If you happen to have and use JAM on either or both devices, feel free to tell me how things work on the 'easy-to-use department' (fonts & buttons size, thickness of the seekbar, etc).

As always, all feedbacks would be greatly appreciated.

To-dos for stable release :
- Complete user guide
- Optimization for HTPC & touch devices
- Code cleaning & repackaging files
- Higher DPIs (>100%) support
- Collapsible right panels (unconfirmed)




  1. I can't download JAM v2 Beta on OneDrive. Can you upload with another host ? Please TT_TT

  2. Hi - when are you going to make this a 'final' release? Alternatively how can I update the foobar executable to be the latest version. I note when I simply replace foobar2000.exe I get a runtime error!

    1. I stopped working this skin and created a new version :