Thursday, December 22, 2022

Refund Policy


A refund is available if you have issue(s) with the theme. But there are some limitations due to the nature of a digital product.

Full refunds are appliable if all these conditions are met:
  • The product is installed according to the system requirements.
  • The product is installed on the normal* and public version of Windows. 
  • The product has a major technical problem(s) that is causing the product doesn’t look and function as advertised.
  • The refund window is a maximum of 48 hours after you received an email receipt from the store (Gumroad).
*The use of the product on Windows and foobar2000 on Virtual Machines, Cloud, with the help of an emulator (e.g., Parallels Desktop, Wine), and similar conditions are not covered by the refund policy.

Before applying for a refund, please make sure you have already done these steps:
  • Followed the installation and setup process properly.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting guides.
  • Contacted the creator about the issue(s).

How to apply for a refund:

Send an email to with this information:
  • The email address you used to purchase the product.
  • Forward the email receipt (with the subject of “You bought <product name>!”)
  • Please describe the issue(s) as clearly as you can.
  • Please provide at least one screenshot for each issue.

After the refund process is completed, you will not have access to:
  • Link to download the product.
  • Any version updates released after.
  • The automated email from the store about the news of the product.

Please understand these:
  • I will offer you a solution first if the issue is fixable.
  • I will do a full refund, but there may be a small cut and some delay from the store.
  • There may be some delay in my response to your request (Please understand that this is my side job).
  • Please delete any files related to the product (including copies) after the refund is completed.
  • In any condition, please avoid doing a chargeback (dispute) on the transaction. This will also prevent you to make another transaction with the store (Gumroad) afterward.




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