Tuesday, November 1, 2022



foobar2000 is a freeware audio player application for various operating systems, created and developed by Mr. Peter Pawlowski. It has so many features which should cover all your needs from an audio player. On its version for Windows, foobar2000 can be installed with additional components (“plugins”), and each component has its unique features.

In its default user interface, foobar2000 puts simplicity first, but you can also customize it to make it your own. With additional components, you can customize it further. It could take months or years to make it perfect, with lots of trials and errors, but you’ll feel very satisfied after doing it. For other users, it feels easier to find a skin or theme that suits their needs.

That’s why I created JAM3 for foobar2000 on the Windows platform. It is the “version 3.0” from the JAM theme lineup. The previous versions have been well received by users, and with Windows 11 now released, I feel it’s the perfect time to release this new version.

I invite you to try JAM3 for foobar2000, and as usual, looking for your feedback to make it better for you, and for other users too.

Best Regards,
Rangga Katili




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